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    New Article: Solid State Drives for Energy Savings

    A new article, co-authored by myself and Tom Coughlin, can now be read from the SNIA Europe website.  “Solid State Drives for Energy Savings” explains the energy benefits that are being discovered when IT managers start to bring SSDs into their data centers. 

    The article is a quick two pager, and it introduces SNIA’s new TCO Calculator (Total Cost of Ownership), a clever tool that helps estimate the power, rack space, and other savings that come along with a conversion of fast storage from enterprise HDDs to SSDs.

    [Update: After clicking on the above link, it will be necessary to download the April 2010 edition of  Storage Networking Times, in order to read the article.]

    2 responses to “New Article: Solid State Drives for Energy Savings”

    1. Sholto Macpherson says:

      Hi I was looking for this article, ‘solid state drives for energy savings’, but the link does not work. Could you please send me the correct link? Thank you.

      Sholto Macpherson
      CRN Australia

    2. Team_SSSI says:

      Thanks for pointing this out. The link has been updated.

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