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    SSD Blind Survey at Flash Memory Summit

    Calypso recently presented an Industry Blind Survey of SSD Performance at the Flash Memory Summit.

    The survey compared (9) MLC, (8) SLC, and (1) 15K RPM SAS HDD.  The Chart shows all sample drives at RND 4K IOPS x Block Size for 65:35 R/W mix.  Small Blocks are in the back, large Blocks are in the front, IOPS are the Y axis.  This Chart clearly shows the general Steady State performance of SLC and MLC SSDs while referencing a 15K RPM SAS HDD.

    Take aways?  There is a lot of variance in performance between SSDs, but it is nice to see an apples to apples comparison on a Device Level.  RND 4K IOPS at a 65:35 R/W mix is a good corner case benchmark.  All  numbers are Steady State and comply with the recently released SNIA SSS Performance Test Specification.   All measurements were taken on the SNIA compliant Calypso Reference Test Platform.

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