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    Holiday Education Before Our New Year Event!

    These first weeks of December always fly by with the myriad of tasks and assignments we need to get done before everyone disappears for the
    holidays. I won’t add to your load, but I will ask you to put two items on your future to-do list.

    SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative just completed two excellent webcasts on Solid State Storage – a topic that is getting the 2012 buzz.    In my involvement with the SNIA SSSI, I was lucky enough to introduce both webcasts, and they really brought some new perspectives to light.

    Put them on your holiday viewing list, and you’ll jumpstart your 2012 education just in time to see the SSSI at Storage Visions, January 8-9, 2012 in Las Vegas.

    I would suggest beginning with a session that gives a glimpse into how IT professionals look at solid state drives and high speed memory technologies.  Jim Bagley of Storage Strategies NOW gives a quick background of the solid state drive and high-speed memory market and then dives into solid state storage growth and how businesses are adopting and deploying solid state storage for rapid access to transactional data, the cloud and virtual desktop infrastructures.

    This session includes the results of an IT Professionals Adoption Survey, co-sponsored by the SNIA and the Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI), which presents information on the status of solid state drives (SSDs) and high-speed memory, and that’s where it gets interesting.  You’ll want to compare your organization to these answers from 300+ professionals, and see where you stand with SSD adoption, how SSDs have affected the perception of the value of IT as a business enabler, and which storage applications are deploying SSDs.

    The webcast is entitled “Solid State Adoption and Use – a Glimpse into the IT Professional Mind” and you can access it here.

    Stay tuned for my next blog entry, I’ll give your present #2, and maybe even a bonus gift.

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