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    SSSI Highlighting PCIe SSDs at the Storage Visions Conference

    Join the SSSI at the Storage Visions Conference, January 6-7,2013 at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.  With a theme of Petabytes are the new Terabytes, the 2013 conference will explore the convergent needs of digital storage to support cloud content distribution and sharing, user- generated content capture and use, and professional media and entertainment applications.

    The SSSI booth is #6 on the Exhibit floor, and will showcase a PCIe SSD display of drives from SSSI members BitMicro, Fusion-io, IDT, Marvell, Micron, STEC, and Virident, and a live demonstration by Fusion-io.  The latest information gathered by the WIOCP Project will be presented.  Featured SSSI member speakers at Storage Visions include Jim Handy of Objective Analysis, who will examine how new storage developments are driving new storage systems with panelists Jim Pappas of Intel, Paul Wassenberg of Marvell, Mike Fitzpatrick of Toshiba, Paul Luse of Intel, and Sumit Puri of LSI; and Jim Pappas of Intel, who will moderate a panel on new frontiers in storage software with SSSI member panelists Walt Hubis of Fusion-io, Doug Voigt of HP, and Bob Beauchamp of EMC.

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