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    Reaching Nirvana? Maybe Not, But You Can Help In Better Understanding SSD and HDD Performance via SNIA’s Workload I/O Capture Program

    SNIA’s Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) recently rolled out its new Workload I/O Capture Program, or WIOCP, a simple tool that captures software applications’ I/O activity by gathering statistics on workloads at the user level (IOPS, MB/s, response times queue depths, etc).  The WIOCP helps users to identify “Hot Spots” where storage performance is creating bottlenecks. SNIA SSSI hopes that users will help the association to collect real-use statistics on workloads by uploading their results to the SNIA website.

    How it works
    The WIOCP software is a safe and thoroughly-tested tool which runs unobtrusively in the background to constantly capture a large set of SSD and HDD I/O metrics that are useful to both the computer user and to SNIA. Users simply enter the drive letters for those drives for which I/O operations metrics are to be collected. The program does not record anything that might be sensitive, including details of your actual workload (for example, files you’ve accessed.) Results are presented in clear and accessible report formats.

    How would the WIOCP help me as a user of computer systems?
    Our upcoming white paper gives many reasons why you would want to download and run the WIOCP.  One reason is that empirical file and disk I/O operation performance metrics can be invaluable with regard to theories and claims about disk I/O performance. This is especially so when these metrics reflect the actual file and disk I/O operation activity performed by individual applications/workloads during normal usage. Moreover, such empirical I/O metrics can be instrumental in uncovering/understanding performance “bottlenecks”, determining more precise I/O performance requirements, better matching disk storage purchases to the particular workload usage/needs, and designing/optimizing various disk storage solutions.

    How can I help this project?
    by downloading and running the WIOCP you help us collect I/O metrics, which can reveal insights into the particular ways that applications actually perform and experience I/O operation activity in “real-life” use. And using this information,  SNIA member companies will be able to improve the performance of their solid state storage solution, including SSDs and flash storage arrays. Help SNIA get started on this project by clicking http://www.hyperIO.com/hIOmon/hIOmonSSSIworkloadIOcaptureProgram.htm and using the “Download Key Code” enter SSSI52kd9A8Z. The WIOCP tool will be delivered to your system with a unique digital signature. The tool only takes a few minutes to download and initialize, after which you can return to the task at hand!

    If you have any questions or comments, please contact: SSSI_TechDev-Chair@SNIA.org

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