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    New Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification Available for Public Review

    A new revision of the Enterprise Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification (PTS–E 1.1) is now available for public review. The PTS is an industry standard test methodology and test suite for the comparison of SSD performance at the device level. The PTS–E 1.1 updates the PTS–E 1.0 released in 2011 and adds tests with specific types of workloads common in the enterprise environment. The PTS–E 1.1 may be downloaded at http://www.snia.org/publicreview.

    “The PTS–Enterprise v1.1 provides both standard testing (IOPS, Throughput, Latency, and Write Saturation) as well as new tests for specific workloads commonly found in Enterprise environments,” said Eden Kim, Chair of the SSS Technical Work Group. “These new tests also allow the user to insert workloads into the new tests while maintaining the industry standard methodology for pre conditioning and steady state determination.”

    The new tests target workloads common to OLPT, VOD, VM, and other enterprise applications while paying special attention to the optimization of drives for varying demand intensity, maximum IOPS and minimal response times and latencies.

    For more information, visit www.snia.org/forums/sssi

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