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    Persistent Memory Featured at Open Server Summit and in New NVDIMM Webcast

    April’s Open Server Summit brought thought leaders together for two days of keynotes, sessions, and a demonstration showcase on converged server-storage-networking infrastructures and open specifications shaping the data center. SNIA board member Rob Peglar of Micron Technology delivered a keynote on new persistent memory directions that create new approaches for system architects.

    A Summit highlight was a SNIA’s Solid State Storage Initiative sponsored panel on Providing Storage at Memory Speed Using NVDIMMs, where booth and panelpanelists reviewed how NVDIMMs operate in new interest areas for persistent memory like databases, Web 2.0, analytics, OLTP, and video and image processing. NVDIMM technologies were also featured on the showfloor with demonstrations from SNIA NVDIMM Special Interest Group (SIG) members Diablo Technologies, Netlist, and SMART Modular.  Download the presentation from Open Server Summit here.

    SNIA’s NVDIMM SIG followed up the interest at Open Server Summit with a comprehensive webcast answering today’s questions on NVDIMM and Non-Volatile Memory (NVM).  Jeff Chang, Co-Chair of the NVDIMM SIG from AgigA Tech, provided a quick refresh on NVDIMM types.  NVDIMM SIG member Mat Young from Netlist covered NVDIMM Performance Benchmarking.  Doug Voigt, Chair of the SNIA NVM Programming Technical Work Group from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, reviewed NVM Programming Model Updates, and Arthur Sainio, Co-Chair of the NVDIMM SIG from SMART Modular, wrapped up the session with answers to the NVDIMM questions raised at the January 2016 webcast and at Open Server Summit.  The webcast is now available for download on the SNIA BrightTALK channel at https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/663/197009.

    Next up from the SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative will be a keynote and demonstration at May 23-24 In-Memory Computing Summit at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco.  Join us there!

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