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    What Do 650 of Your Colleagues Know That You Don’t Know?

    wordcloud 4Is your head spinning with all the variations in solid state storage technologies, interconnects, and application level approaches on the market today?

    Then you will want to mark your professional calendar – at YOUR convenience – to watch the SNIA BrighTalk webcast: Architectural Principles for Networked Solid State Storage Access,” – one of the most successful ever produced by SNIA!

    In this on-demand webcast, SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum and Solid State Storage Initiative experts J Metz, SNIA Board member from Cisco, and Doug Voigt, chair of the SNIA NVM Programming Technical Working Group and a member of the SNIA Technical Council, deliver the answers to questions like these:

    • How do applications see IO and memory access differently?
    • What is the difference between a memory and an SSD technology?
    • How do application and technology views permute?
    • How do memory and network interconnects change the equation?
    • What are persistence domains and why are they important?

    Over 650 professionals have viewed this session – and now it is available for you free of charge on-demand!

    Bookmark this link now and plan a great “desktop lunch” session all your own to learn the latest on the application of networked solid state technologies (and maybe you’ll even mention it to your colleagues)!



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